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Image by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pa
Image by Pushpak Dsilva


Da Dough Lab242 was born out of Lisa’s love for sharing the science and magic of baking wonderfully with her delectable tasty treats all created in her Food Lab.

Lisa is a native of The Bahamas, born and raised on the island of New Providence. As a young girl, she was always surrounded by the smell of good home cooking and baked goods made from the recipes of her grandmother, Una Jane. These recipes were brought to the capital with her grandmother from Savannah Sound, Eleuthera; another island in The Bahamas. For young Lisa, the kitchen was always filled with comforting scents which made it her favorite place to be. Every summer she would travel to the island where her father’s mother lived and it was during these trips Lisa’s exceptional baking skills developed and her dream to become an entrepreneur grew stronger.

In Pursuit of her dream of becoming a chef, she enrolled in The Bahamas Hotel Training College and graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts. Nearly thirty years later, Convid-19 disrupted the world and Lisa found herself out of a job. Lisa relied on her baking skills and began selling some of her favorite baked goods from her residence to neighbors, friends, and close family. Simultaneously, she was unknowingly building a great reputation and a loyal customer base. Soon after, Lisa began baking and selling freshly baked bread and Cinnamon Buns a few days per week. Interest in Lisa’s baked treats grew tremendously; friends and family who heard of her fabulous dough items started requesting more and more which lead to a delivery service being provided.

The economic strain brought on by the pandemic fueled Lisa to continue building her brand, “Da Dough Lab242” and grow the business. The hardship during the pandemic brought on handwork and Hard work along with good customer service and customer critique, which gave her the determination to start her Home Based Online Bakery Cafe.


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Victoria Gardens

Nassau, Bahamas

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